Wellness at Generation Schools

Wellness at Generation Schools

How we view the child

At Generation Schools, we acknowledge that we need to view the child as whole beings and not in silos. We understand and celebrate that each child is unique in their learning. Our focus is on equipping the child with academic knowledge as well as understanding the importance of emotional well-being in relation to learning. We bring focus to the understanding that in order for learning to be encouraged, we need to tend to the emotional needs of the student.

The wellness department aims to coordinate and encompass support, support for the school sports curriculum, healthy eating, personal and social education, and onsite health; it also aims to promote integration, building health and social care links and developing these for the school in its community.

The Wellness Coaches

Moving away from the traditional role of a “school counsellor”, we introduce to you the role of the Wellness Coach at our Campuses. As the name implies’ “wellness” denotes vitality, balance and general well-being. “Coach” implies that there are skills that can be taught and practised that are not necessarily taught within the classroom environment.

Our coaches are all qualified Counsellors or Social Workers with skills and specialisation in working with the youth. The aim is to work alongside the educators to identify areas that individuals and classrooms might require to better equip the classroom environment with these learnings.

Students are invited into a space to reflect and explore their overall well-being.

Meet the team


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