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Generation Schools Sunningdale was the first Generation Schools campus to open in January 2016. This campus, being our flagship campus, welcomed students ranging from the age of 18 months to 12 years of age. We filled our classrooms with eager students and enthusiastic educators and can proudly say we had an eventful and successful first year.

In January 2017, we opened our Middle School Phase, where our students moved into their new Middle School building. In January 2019, we welcomed our High School. In 2020, owing to the growing numbers of this campus, a new campus for the Middle and High School students was built just down the road (Generation Sandown Institute). Now, the Sunningdale campus caters for ages from 18 to 12 years only and has recently introduced its very own library.

We promised change. We promised innovation. We have achieved so much. But this is only the beginning. Watch this space, more is coming…

Brigitte Wiltshire

Head of Sunningdale

Brigitte has had the privilege of teaching at both government (CAPS) and private (Cambridge) affiliated schools.

While completing her Bachelor of Education Degree, she worked part-time at a reading school and found her passion for inspiring children by using individual learning programmes.

Brigitte was first introduced to Cambridge education when she moved to Durbanville soon after getting married. During this time she had the opportunity to head many portfolios within a school and teach various grades.

When joining Generation Schools, she found the opportunity of a lifetime. The rapid growth within the field of education was something that excited Brigitte and it is her goal to combine her range of experience with her ability to be a compassionate, enthusiastic and motivated leader to make a positive contribution to this incredible school that she now calls home.

Extramural NameDescription
Build ’em BrixBuild ’em Brix helps to build maths and science concepts, improve fine motor skills and introduce architectural principals through fun and stimulating lessons
Montessori chess lessons guide children  based on where they are; teaching them about the game, notation, strategies, thinking and problem-solving skills, increases creativity and exercises both sides of the brain
Creative Beetroot
We explore hand puppetry, arts and crafts, theatre, acting, storytelling and imagination
Dallas DanceModern dance classes
Future Engineers
Engineering with Lego. Concepts taught: Engineering, Physics, Technology & Maths and Design Process
Giants GymnasticsMovement and Basic Gymnastic skills
HopfitGet fit with Hopfit
This class will reveal your child’s inner chef as each class is a series of hands-on cooking classes that are engaging form start to finish
Preschool music programme incorporating singing, listening, movement, fingerplay, pitched and no-pitched, percussion, echoclapping and crafts to introduce music concepts and create group and individual performances
Next step
English/Afrikaans and Mathematics tutoring. Boost Math confidence. Improve reading accuracy, speed and pronunciation
Science Buddies
Science Buddies allows learners to bring out their inner scientists. These lessons share scientific information with the learners in an exciting and relatable way, followed by a practical experiment or demonstration that will allow for the learners to visually experience and comprehend the concept that has been taught
Smart Art
To enhance the creative abilities of learners. Refines fine motor skills which are essential for writing. To teach self-control and patience
Stretch-n-Grow is a fabulously fun health and fitness programme, designed to develop healthy habits from a young age. We focus on Motor skill development, ball skills, rhythm, coordination, balance and so much more. We make fitness fun
Providing classroom academic instruction to students on an individual and small group basis for proactive or remedial purpose

Contact information
Tel. +27 21 205 5911
Address. 33 Oakland Hills Road, Sunningdale, 7441

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