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In January 2019, Generation Schools Imhoff opened its doors to students from the ages of 18 months to Exit. The campus, nestled in the heart of Kommetjie, is still undergoing the second phase of building. Once the second phase is completed, the campus will be home to 850 students. Stay tuned for some more exciting developments happening at Imhoff!

Tessa Venter

Head of Imhoff

Tessa is resourceful, innovative and has a passion for fostering change in education. She holds postgraduate degrees in both journalism and education.

Having taught on different continents, with different curricula and in different classrooms, her love of learning and desire to inspire that same love amongst staff and students is what motivates her. Tessa has been at Generation Schools since 2017, teaching in the primary space as well as in the 12 to exit phase. She feels privileged to head up Generation Schools Imhoff and to drive the change in education she wishes to see.


Monique Olsen

Acting Deputy Head of Imhoff

Monique holds degrees in both psychology and education, with certificates in play therapy. With over ten years experience, Monique is a passionate educator who believes in approaching the child both emotionally and academically.

Monique believes in using innovative and dynamic teaching methodologies in her teaching practice. She is an experienced trauma counsellor, social skills therapist and educator. Monique is a loving dog mom to her precious Lucy.

Extra mural NameDescription
Arts & Crafts
We explore different art and craft mediums and aim toward creating beautiful keepsakes for children to take home with them
Build ’em BrixBuild ’em Brix helps to build maths and science concepts, improve fine motor skills and introduce architectural principals through fun and stimulating lessons
A developmental programme which encourages participants to communicate effectively, ask questions, seek answers and share information. We use creative activities, including speech, movement, improvisation and mime. We aim to give students ongoing confidence and self-esteem
We investigate many aspects of our natural world and will take direction from interests expressed by the students. We include creative and artistic expression in order to communicate our findings and create positive change
Recreational classes introducing fundamental gymnastics skills, as well as increasing difficulty levels of skills. The classes are taught as a progressive program, beginning with introductory skills and working toward the mastery of more difficult techniques
Junior Choir
This group is open to children from the 6-9 phase. Any child who loves singing, or who is keen to find out more about singing in a group, is welcome to join. Perfect voices aren’t necessary –  this is an opportunity for children to have fun while singing with their peers. We welcome input from our members about songs that they wish to learn and we sing songs that the kids love. Each session starts with fun vocal warmups and informal voice training. Little voices can still be very soft and in order for us to perform at school, we need many children to join
Kids ClayPlay-based learning (imaginative and creative problem solving) which is therapeutic, calming and facilitates expression.
It promotes sensory development and strengthens the muscles and tendons of the students hands and fingers, as well as encouraging holistic left and right brain development
Mixed Martial Arts

At SBG Cape Town, we practise a combination of combative skill sets that include Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing for MMA, and Submission Wrestling utilising the coaching methodology and approach of Matt Thornton and Straight Blast Gym International – SBGi. Further information on this topic can be found at
At SBG Cape Town, the Coach and seniors will help you develop your skills in a fun, safe and healthy environment. We train in an environment suitable for people of all ages, backgrounds, and objectives

Our conceptual focus is on the following principles:
·Athleticism / Fitness
·Attitude / Mind Frame

We will be exploring the area in which we live as well as investigating the various community projects in and around the south peninsula. This is will be an opportunity for students to explore which areas of the community they are passionate about getting involved in
Performing arts
Performing arts allows students to explore their creativity and passion for the stage. Students will explore a diverse range of performance styles while building confidence, developing their vocal skills and having the opportunity to express themselves on the stage. This group is open to everyone!
We begin our Coding/Robotics with Tynker.
‘Tynker is a powerful visual programming language for kids. Kids snap together visual code blocks to create programs. When comfortable, they can see and understand the real code behind the visual blocks, as these blocks directly translate to JavaScript, one of the most popular programming languages in the world.’
No prior knowledge needed. Just enthusiasm and a desire to learn
Surfing (beginners)
We make full use of the amazing environment we are surrounded by in surfing. We have some good beginner and advanced sites that we use. We need the involvement of parents that are available to help lift to the spot that we will use for the day.
To participate in beginners surfing you should identify with the following: ‘I am a complete novice or have caught waves at spots like Muizenberg and would like to advance to catching open face waves where the surfer rides along the face of the wave.’
Students need to bring their own wetsuit and board
Surfing (advanced)
To participate in advanced surfing you should identify with the following: ‘I am water confident, fit and am able to cope with swimming through breaking waves with or without a surfboard. I have advanced to taking off and riding along the face of the wave in at least shoulder height face waves with confidence and have learned to do basic turns.’
Students need to bring their own wetsuit and board
Vocal group
This group is open to any students aged 12-18. We are excited to welcome all musicians and singers to join this group. Forming a band is the long-term goal so if you can sing or play an instrument, this is the group to join! Band/vocal group is a safe space where you can improvise and learn more about making music in a group, whether you want to sing or play your instrument. At this early stage, instrumentalists will have to bring their own instruments to our practices on Wednesday afternoons. Sign up, come and meet everyone and let’s jam!

Contact information
Tel. +27 21 205 5936
Kommetjie Road (Slangkop Intersection), Kommetjie, Cape Town

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