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Our Blue Moon campus, founded by Jacquelyn Price in 2007, opened as part of the Generation Schools family In January 2018. Under her leadership, this campus strives to provide a carefully planned stimulating environment that assists children with developing within themselves the foundational habits, attitudes, skills, and ideas that are essential for a lifetime of creative thinking and learning as active community participants.

Generation Schools welcomes all our new students and staff members to a vibrant, innovative and engaged family, where we strive to develop a community within a school environment.

Our Blue Moon campus caters for students from the age of three to 12 years.

Jacky Price

Head of Blue Moon

Jacquelyn Price has been involved in childcare practices for the last 35 years and believes in quality education for all. She runs the Blue Moon campus and mentors across all campuses, consulting to ensure quality Montessori practices are supported. She also donates her time to Learning In Reach to bring Montessori insights to the Lavender Hill ECD’s. As a grandmother, she witnesses firsthand the importance of providing the best opportunities possible for a child’s natural development.


Alison Volpi

Vice Head of Blue Moon

Alison Volpi joined Blue Moon as a volunteer parent nine years ago and has never looked back. She has travelled the school’s path with Jacky and embraced the transformation into a Generation Schools campus. Alison not only manages the daily challenges of keeping the myriad of systems going, but is also the nurturer and supporter of the children and families of the Blue Moon community. Alison has a background in project management and is a qualified leadership coach. Alison is an advocate for Montessori education and has experienced this style of education first hand through her own children.

Extramural NameDescription
Build em Brix3-6 phase: Technical builds, educational games and science using Duplo blocks

Montessori chess lessons guide children  based on where they are; teaching them about the game, notation, strategies, thinking and problem-solving skills, increases creativity and exercises both sides of the brain

3-9 phase: Chess lessons (from age 4)

6-12 phase: Chess lessons. Intermediate to advanced

Coding3-12 phase: Coding education programme
Creative Breetroot3-6 phase: Theatre arts programme including a wide variation of the arts
CrossFit6-12 phase: Core strength and fitness programme
Marimba3-12 phase: Marimba lessons
Mini CrossFit3-6 phase: Core strength and early muscle development programme (learning balance, strength and resistance)
Mini Sport3-6 phase: Sports development at an introductory level (includes ball skills)
Movers & Shakers3-6 phase: A creative music and movement class
Robotix6-9 phase: Focuses on architecture and problem solving through building with Lego
Tennis6-12 phase: Tennis lessons

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Tel. +27 21 205 5922
Address. 8 Galway Rd, Heathfield, Cape Town,7945

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