About the Swimming Academy

At Generation Swimming Academy, we feel that it is important for all children to learn how to swim. Learning to swim is not only an important skill for children to learn for themselves, but it is also important should they need to help others. Swimming is not only a great life skill, but it is a great form of exercise. Swimming improves cardiovascular fitness, coordination and balance.

At Generation Swimming Academy, we want our swimmers to learn to feel confident and safe in the water, as well as develop a love for swimming. Whether you join us for our Moms & Tots Class, our Learn To Swim Programme or our Squad Training, Generation Swimming Academy is the one stop swimming academy for you!

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  • 2019 Generation Schools learners will pay R120 per lesson. Fees will be charged on a monthly basis.
  • 2019 Generation Swimming Academy Only learners will pay R130 per lesson. Fees will be charged on a monthly basis.
  • Payment is to be made in FULL by the 7th of each month. Lessons will be suspended should fees not be paid.
  • Non-Refundable deposit payable in registration, please view your fee structure.
  • EFT payments ONLY. Account number to be used as reference when making payment.
  • One calendar month notice must be given in writing for cancellation of lessons.
  • Outstanding fees will be subject to a 10% penalty fee. Should fees be outstanding for 2 or more months the child may be suspended from school and the account will be handed over to our attorney for collection. Any account handed over to our attorney will be liable for all legal costs occurred.
  • Lessons missed are not credited and we are unfortunately unable to make up lessons. If you miss a lesson due to ill health, we will try make up the lessons. However, during summer months this is problematic due to classes being full.
  • The school will close during Public Holidays and for a period in December and re-open again in January. We will also close during the Easter break. The months that have 5 weeks in them, normally balance out the lessons missed during these periods.
  • No pupil may enter the pool before their lesson has begun and they must exit the pool immediately after the lesson has ended.
  • Pupils are to please use the toilet and blow their noses before their lesson.
  • Pupils who are not potty trained must please wear a swimming nappy.
    Swimming caps are compulsory.
  • Please be prompt for lessons. If you should arrive late for a lesson, your lesson time will be shortened.
  • Fees will be increased on an annual basis in January each year.

I,…………………………………………….… hereby waive any claim against Generation Swimming Academy or any of its’ employees or the owners of the property for any damage sustained by any person, which may arise as a result of theft, loss of life, bodily injury, or any other causes whatsoever. This waiver is unconditional and is given both in my personal capacity and in my capacity as Father/Mother and/or natural or legal guardian of any minor concerned, provided reasonable care and supervision of the learner has been taken. Furthermore, I confirm that I understand and agree to abide by the policies and procedures of Generation Swimming Academy as supplied to me.