Welcome to the Generation Schools family

Generation Schools welcomes you as part of a vibrant, innovative and engaged family, where we will strive to develop a community within a school environment.

At Generation Schools, we challenge and adopt a future-focused approach to the way we teach our students.

At Generation Schools, we encourage our students to ask “why?”, as we endeavour to inspire curiosity, fuel knowledge and invite experience. Generation Schools is more than a school to our organisation and students. Generation Schools is a community, and we aim to reach the child as an individual within the context of his/her community. Through encouraging our students to look for a deeper meaning in both subjects and individuals, our goal is to create an opportunity to grow independent and critical thinkers. Through their connections with other students and Generation Schools’ staff, students are also able to develop a sense of trust and empathy throughout the community. The entirety of one’s Generation Schools’ career is an experience, and this experience allows students to intensify the grit of their character and pass that down from Generation to Generation.