In an ever-changing world, Generation Schools can be found transitioning too.
In the next few weeks, our Sunningdale Senior Primary and Middle School students will be taking residence in the newly built Middle School campus.
Generation Schools Sunningdale
This campus has been built and the environment prepared to reflect the right and left hemispheres of the brain. The left hemisphere of the brain is the more analytic and logical side of the brain, we, therefore, have the sciences, mathematics and business studies located on the left side of the building. The right hemisphere of the brain is the creative and artistic side of the brain. On the right of our campus, we have placed our languages, art classes and Information, Communication and Technology classes. Lectures will continue to be streamed between the different campuses and we look forward to our staff and students making this their new home away from home.
We have also recently begun a partnership with Arch Retail Systems. Arch Retail Systems have offered three subsidized bursaries for Middle School students.
Arch Retail Systems Bursary Winners 2017
In line with the Generation Schools philosophy of bridging the gap between education and employment, Arch will also pay for their tertiary studies and these three students will walk straight into a paying job with this reputable company.
The Phase Two Build of our Hermanus Campus is now underway. This building will house our 12-15 Phase students, along with a science laboratory, computer room and dedicated art room.
Generation Schools Hermanus
We have a lot to look forward to with the growth of our Hermanus campus, including welcoming our new Deputy Head, Charl du Toit. Charl will be joining our team with a wealth of knowledge and experience as from January 2018.
Generation Schools will also be opening two new campuses in January 2018. These will comprise of:
  • Generation Schools Melkbos: This boutique campus will cater for students from the age of 18 Months – 6 Years. 
  • Generation Schools Blue Moon: This campus will cater for students from the age of 3 – 12 Years as from January 2018. The campus will grow with its learners, therefore continuing on to open classes for 12-15 and 15-18 Year students.
We have four large campuses planned for the near future, with further information including the location of these sites to be released soon.
We also have some groundbreaking news to follow regarding housing a tertiary educational branch under the Generation Schools umbrella – Generation International College. Stay tuned for more information about this exciting development. As with all things ‘Generation Schools’, this college will be an educational institute which is unconventional and innovative.
We look forward to the continued growth of Generation Schools and to our family bond growing tighter.