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Welcome to this week’s blog edition. We are happy to report another successful, exciting and inspiring week at both our Sunningdale and Hermanus campuses after a much-enjoyed long weekend.

At Generation Schools Hermanus campus this week, we followed the theme of Human Rights Day, as the public holiday was celebrated on Tuesday, March 21, 2017.

The 18 Month-3 Year Bumble Class has had a very successful week and focused more on their class materials and activities rather than on their human rights just yet. Our educators are happy to report that the tears have come to an end and all our little learners have settled in well in their classroom environment. They enjoy their circle time, especially when it comes to songs and rhymes. The learners practised blowing colour bubbles as part of a Practical Life activity, which is very good for developing their speech by working the tongue and cheek muscles. Each week through their activities, we can see how their vocabulary and articulation continue to progress, and they are starting to express themselves and communicate more each day in the classroom. This week as something special, the learners also enjoyed riding their bikes up and down the school’s corridors for Bike Day.

The 3-6 Year Sunbird Class created a beautiful book illustrating all that they had learnt about on Human Rights Day. Each child picked an individual right and designed a page depicting the importance of that right and what it means to them. The students showcased their creativity this week after learning about their family roots and created their own beautiful family trees, which they proudly presented to their class.

The 6-9 Year Asteroid Class studied and discussed national historical figures who have contributed to peace and harmony in our country through promoting and fighting for Human Rights. One of the most famous Human Rights leaders talked about was Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984 for all he did to resolve and end Apartheid. The students decided to write letters and created posters of thanks to Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who is now living in Hermanus. They are so proud of their work and their opportunity to share it with someone of such great stature in their hometown.

After Human Rights Day, the learners in both the 9-12 Year Protons Class and the 12-15 Year Vortex Class took the time to discuss the importance of this day for our country. The students talked about how Human Rights Day is a national public holiday that is commemorated annually on the 21st of March to remind South Africans of the sacrifices that accompanied the struggle for the achievement of democracy in our country. They also learnt that this holiday provides South Africans with an opportunity to reflect on the progress, promotion and protection of our human rights and what it means to appreciate these rights.

The students were taught that with the rights that we have been given, we also have responsibilities as citizens to uphold. One of the rights discussed was equality, and how in our nation every citizen is equal, by law, and that each individual citizen has the right to equal protection and benefit of the law. The learners now understand that human dignity is the right to have inherent dignity and that they have the right to have their dignity respected and protected by the law and by others. They also understood that their responsibility is to respect and protect the dignity of their fellow citizens. The students learnt about the freedom of movement and residence. This allows everyone to reside and move freely anywhere within South Africa and it is everyone’s responsibility to respect the national environment. Language and culture sparked an intriguing conversation after the learners discovered that everyone has the right to use different language and to participate in the culture of their choosing and how they are held accountable to respect the different cultures, religions and language choices of other individuals. Lastly, they discussed that every person has the right to life and it is our duty to show respect towards the lives of others.

Whether we are at school, work, out and about or simply with our friends and family, it is important that we all continue to demonstrate the kind of responsibility that we would like to see in our country’s future. By doing this daily and teaching our learners, we help to ensure that our human rights’ history is preserved and strengthened for our future generations.

After learning all this the students came together to create their own Code of Conduct for the school. The Code of Conduct for the learners is based on the Human Rights of South Africa and the responsibilities that the learners need to take on to achieve peace and harmony within our school. The learners have played an active role in finalising this important document, which will be signed in a ceremony at the end of this term.

Don’t miss the upcoming week’s blog to view the ceremony and their very own Human Rights Code of Conduct for Generation Schools Hermanus.

On top of all the excitement of learning, we would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to students Fagen Rose, whose birthday was on the 8th of March, Cremer Beck whose birthday was on the 17th of March and one of our lovely 9-12 Year Protons Class educator’s, Clarissa Andrews, who also celebrated her birthday at school on the 22nd of March.

Thank you to everyone for the ongoing support and we hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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