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Welcome to Generation Schools latest blog edition. We are happy to report that we have had yet another successful, exciting and inspiring week at both our Sunningdale and Hermanus campuses.

Of particular focus this week was to bring attention and to assist in the relief effort of the Imizamo Yethu community after the fires left many displaced and destitute.

According to news reports, at least three people have lost their lives after a devastating fire destroyed 3,500 structures and left about 15,000 people homeless in the Imizamo Yethu Informal Settlement in Hout Bay. The fire started on Friday evening, 10 March 2017, and blazed on for days after leaving the settlement, residents, animals and surrounding land in ruin. It is reported to be one of the worst informal settlement fires ever experienced in Cape Town.

In the aftermath of this tragic event the Generation Schools community jumped into action and initiated the #GoodJobChallenge, by donating R5,000 to the Hout Bay fire victims and in turn challenging all other schools, businesses and individuals to join in and donate towards this worthy cause.

Furthermore, our schools have encouraged students, families and community members to donate time, money or items (such as clothing and canned food), that may assist the Imizamo Yethu community. Our Generation Schools learners made a video shout out encouraging and challenging our greater Western Cape community to become involved in any way they can. Please find the video on our Generation Schools Facebook page. Like, Share and spread the #GoodJobChallenge.

The response has been tremendous with donations pouring in, showing the generosity of our Generation Schools Family. However, more needs to be done. If you would like to help by donating money towards the relief fund, you can do so by depositing your contributions to a worthy charity called the Gift of the Giver Relief Foundation, into the following bank account.

Standard Bank- Pietermaritzburg

Account Number: 052137228         

Branch Code: 057525

Proof of payment can be sent to sooliman@giftofthegivers.org to confirm the deposit.

If you are unable to donate cash, but would still like to make a difference; the following items can be dropped off at the Generation Schools Sunningdale campus or they can be delivered directly to police and fire stations in Hout Bay:

Clothing of all sizes (particularly small to medium), seasons and materials, kitchen and cooking utensils, personal hygiene products (including but not limited to: wet wipes, disposable nappies, blankets, and toiletries), stationery and non-perishable food items (canned food is ideal), as well as animal food.

Generation Schools would like to thank each of you for your generosity.

We would also like to acknowledge the firefighters and local community members who worked tirelessly to restore a sense of normality for all those left destitute. It is heartfelt to see the compassion and endeavour of the human spirit in action.

And it’s back to some news from our Sunningdale Campus

Our 0-3 Year Nest learners have been working more on developing their language skills. They have been busy learning different words, practising saying each word and associating these words with various objects, and images. With a growing vocabulary, each child will be able to express themselves better and be able to communicate more effectively with others.

This week our 3-6 Year learners have focused their efforts on Mathematics. All of the materials in the Montessori environment have been created to attract, as well as capture the interest of learners, while at the same time teaching them important concepts. Some of these concepts focused on were associating a number’s name and quantity with number rods and cards and they have been practising the decimal system by using the golden bead material. The older learners were introduced to addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The students have been excelling in Mathematics and cannot wait to move on to more difficult material.

Our 6-9 Year students this week did some digging and were able to discover their family roots when they did their family tree projects. Each student learnt more about their heritage, family culture, where their family came from and were able to get a better understanding of who they are. The learners made lovely family trees and presented them proudly in front of their classmates.

In our 9-12 Year environment, the Van Gogh Class embodied the qualities of scientists as they performed a variety of science experiments. The learners were also introduced to the concept of time in Mathematics. They spent a lot of time practising their time’s tables and doing speed tests. The students were also introduced to Human Rights and the importance thereof.

Further to the Seed Dispersal theme in the 9-12 Year Monet Class; the learners spent an afternoon sketching their own Agapanthus seedpods while listening to soothing music. The seedlings that they planted earlier this term are thriving and are ready to be planted into the ground.

Students have also focused on the conservation of water and recycling. They will be building water filters next week and learning about various ways of cleaning water. The whole class is also planning their D&T shelters, which they will make out of 100% recycled materials. The older learners are getting ready for their final filming of their environmental stop motion campaigns. Stay tuned to view their films!

In the 9-12 Year Picasso Class, learners have seen the effects of acid rain on flowers and rocks using vinegar through performing experiments. While others have been observing the pollination of different flowers on the school grounds and experimenting with how light affects the growth of plants.

Lastly, the 12-15 Year Class commenced their first interdisciplinary project which integrates Mathematics, Science, Engineering and Technology. This project-based learning experience creates an opportunity for the students to explore, reason and interact with ideas and problems which incorporate the various fields of study. As the majority of the career opportunities require the integration of Mathematics, Science, Engineering and Technology, it is an important skill to develop. We will continue to explore these subjects and will be attempting many similar projects throughout the year.

This week saw students being split into groups with the aim of creating, sketching and building 3D paper roller coasters over the next two weeks. The students are currently busy with the planning phase which involves basic sketches, 3D sketches, an online 3D model design on their tablets, as well as compiling a detailed equipment list.

On that note, we would like to wish all our Generation Schools Families, Subscribers, staff and learners a restful and relaxing long weekend, and we look forward to welcoming you all back to school on Wednesday, 22nd March.

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Signing off until next week,

The Generation Schools Team