Generation Schools Hermanus

Dear Generation Schools Parents and Subscribers,

Generation Schools Hermanus has had another busy and fun-filled educational week both inside and outside of the classroom

Our 18 Month-3 Year Bumblebees Class, are still feeling the love well after Valentine’s Day last week! Our little learners made their own ‘Love grows here…’ sign for the school that continues to bring a smile to everyone’s face and happiness to everyone’s heart.

This week we also welcomed Zuzi to our Bumblebees team. Zuzi has a passion for children and has worked as a caregiver for many years. The addition of Zuzi will allow Loren and Anli to spend more time on learning experiences for the learners rather than losing too much time settling those in need of extra TLC. Zuzi is very excited to start her journey with Generation Schools and is eager to participate in class activities and learning experiences with the children. She is off to a wonderful start and the children have already grown so fond of her. Welcome to the team, Zuzi!

Our 3-6 Year Sunbirds learners, had an informative Science lesson this week that was all about amphibians. They learnt what amphibians are and all about their habitat. The lesson even had the students getting up close and personal with some frogs! In English, the students started to work with three letter words. They have been doing an amazing job with grasping the spelling, writing and reading of them. They have also started their Geometry lesson for Mathematics. They have begun with identifying the different shapes, recognising their names and how many sides they each have.

This week our 6-9 Year Asteroids Class had a Mathematics presentation on fractions. Without hesitation, our learners dove right in and have been practising these new math skills all week. In Science, the learners studied the human anatomy and how each organ and the major systems work together to keep us alive. The learners had a blast learning about each individual organ and can’t wait to continue their exploration and lessons on the human anatomy. The children have also been meticulously practising and perfecting their handwriting. This week has been a delight for the learners.

Our 9-12 Year Protons Class students got to explore the world outside of the classroom environment this week. With the building and renovations still happening on site, the Protons took the initiative to have a “Trash Collection” day.  They walked around the school grounds and collected any rubbish that they could find, placing them in the clear recycling bags, provided by the local municipality. They were also able to experience an engaging Science lesson about the environment which focused on all of the different types of seeds and seed dispersal methods of plants.

Our 12-15 Year Vortex learners have received their new tablets and e-textbooks. Having a learning environment that has technology to assist the students can only prove to be very beneficial and a great success. Their tablets and e-textbooks will go hand in hand with their live-stream lectures and will allow them to recapture the newly obtained knowledge.

Beyond the classroom, the learners have ditched the technology and gotten in touch with their creative side by creating abstract art. They created magnificent art pieces with different shapes, colours and materials. Each day, wonderful masterpieces are created in Art.

Our Enhance learners have also had a busy week. They have spent time on mastering visual words, where they were able to have classes outside. With the aid of real life visuals, the learners are quickly excelling at tracing, cutting and glueing their visual words into a lovely English project.

The Aftercare programme’s theme of the week was Health and safety! The students learnt about the difference between healthy and unhealthy food, as well as the people who help us stay safe within our community. Needless to say, we may have a few nutritionists and firefighters on our hands.

Generation Schools Hermanus is moving full speed ahead and does not plan on slowing down anytime soon. Come back next week to stay updated with the latest news from the school and from our learners!