Dear Generation Schools Parents and subscribers,

We are just over a month into the school year and Generation Schools Sunningdale is moving full steam ahead!

This week our 18 Month-3 Year Ladybug learners were inspired by Valentine’s Day and had a wonderful time decorating the display board with their gorgeous Valentine’s Day cards.

The Lilliput Players, a children’s theatre centre, joined our 18 Month-3 Year and 3-6 Year learners for a presentation of the ‘Busy Body Show’. They learnt about their body’s anatomy and the many different functions of their body parts. They also learnt how to express themselves by using their bodies to sing, dance and interact with the Lilliput Players and their peers.

The 6-9 Phase went on their first outing for 2017. The pupils have shown a great interest in Science, and what better way to feed that interest than by visiting the Cape Town MTN Science Centre.

At the Science Centre, the students had the opportunity to work in a science lab, where they learnt that by mixing a few household ingredients, such as baking soda and vinegar, they could create their own erupting volcano. This was a wonderful experiment as it links with our first Great Lesson, which explains the formation of the earth and the coming of life. The children were also able to put their teamwork to good use by constructing their own buildings on the Building Floor. This had the learners utilising their problem-solving and communication skills to complete their buildings. The highlight of the outing was working with the Light Obscurer. This is a device that acts as a camera by using the reflection of light and no electricity. From the Light Obscurer room, we were able to have an amazing 360-degree live view of Cape Town.

“It was playing and learning how to build together. The science show was fun and then we also made volcanos in a group”.

Amangwe Mgandela

7 years’ old


Our 9-12 Phase was inspired by the week of love. In the Picasso class, each and every young lady received a rose and a ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ greeting from two gentlemen, Kalo and Stefano! All three classes created their own Valentine’s Day gifts. The Picasso Class decided to be experimental as they made multi-coloured ‘bath bombs’, while the Van Gogh and Monet Classes created adorable ‘love bugs’ to take home to their families and friends.

This week for Science the pupils have been planting seeds and actually observing the process of germination and the factors needed in order for seeds to germinate. Each morning, the children excitedly walked over to their beans to check whether the germination process had begun! The learners have been comparing similarities and differences in regards to roots and stems, which has definitely created some friendly competition amongst the children as the race is on to grow the healthiest plant possible. Each child has been observing and documenting their plant growth in their plant diaries.

In English this week, the Senior Primary learners have been practising the art of formal and informal writing. They have written informal letters to friends, as well as a formal letter addressed to Cape Town Mayor, Patricia de Lille, about the water crisis currently being faced. They have also started planning their Stop Motion Environmental Campaign on an environmental issue of their choice, each promoting an important message about the environment. All of the children have been actively working on building and creating a habitat for either a person, animal, prey or predator, by using recyclable materials. The children are encouraged to think ‘out of the box’ and to be as creative as possible to build a suitable habitat.

The learners have also been busy creatively planning and writing their own legends and historical stories with fictional characters from the past and settings that they can only imagine.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they were laying bricks every hour.” – John Heywood

We all know that it takes time to reach a goal or to master a skill, craft or habit. While it is vital to keep one’s perspective on your dreams and goals it can be very easy to underestimate the importance of building your empire by laying another brick. This week the Middle School has been “laying bricks every hour’’.

Our live streaming lessons with Hermanus were implemented in full force and the excitement has been overwhelming. All of our interactive streaming screens and equipment have been installed and all of the 12-15 Year students both in Sunningdale and Hermanus received a Microsoft Education approved, Intel Two-in-One device loaded with Windows 10 and Office 365. Through these devices, the students will have access to their textbooks and content from the streamed lectures. By embracing and integrating this technology into the classroom, we are not just setting our students up for a successful life in the world outside of the classroom, but also making the world available and accessible in the classroom. Education is not just about memorising facts, it’s about communicating and collaborating with others to solve problems. Using educational technology in the classroom allows this to take place and prepares our students for the increasing digital progression and economy.

The students have also focused on very interesting content within the lectures this week. In Science, they have looked at the process of photosynthesis and how plants are adapted to this special process. In Art, the students investigated the different elements of Art, focusing more specifically on lines and how lines and line sketches correlate with our emotions. The students also kept the love alive and used their creativity to design a personal mug for their Valentine’s.

After each week that passes we grow more excited about what is yet to come. Thank you to all our learners, educators and school community for your ongoing support.
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