Generation Schools Hermanus

Dear Generation Schools families and subscribers,

Week 4 has been incredibly exciting and productive here at Generation Schools Hermanus. Our new grass for the playground area and the artificial lawn for our outdoor learning spaces have been installed. The interactive pods for our Vortex Class (12-15-year-olds) are commissioned and ready for our twenty-first-century lectures. These lectures are well underway with our sister school in Sunningdale. This form of education will bridge the gap between resources and human capital between our schools not only locally but internationally too, the definition of a global school.

The learners are enjoying their new environments, they have made friends and are settling into their class routines. The school snack and lunch have quickly become the firm favourites.

One particular moment from this week included our 12-15 Year Class’ visit to the South African National Space Academy (SANSA). The learners were given a taste of Physical Science and the fun this subject can offer. This was a great opportunity for the older students in the class starting to make their subject choices in preparation for their International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE). In the past week, the learners have not only produced beautiful artworks, but they have debated in English, had a taste of Business Studies and built personal perspectives (not opinions – yes, there is a difference) around none other than U.S. President, Donald Trump.

The Proton Class (9-12-year-olds) had a full week, including English debates and orals; Geometry lessons and 3D constructions; educational video clips; beautiful group collaborative art activities and even Biology lessons with some creatures covered in mucin (sugar molecules aka slime).

Our Asteroid learners (6-9-year-olds) were seen getting to grips with the Montessori equipment and especially enjoyed their Show and Tell time. We are lucky to have amazing performers at our school, from pogo stick jumpers to bowl singers.We pride ourselves with our individual students with surprising hobbies, talents and interests!

The Sunbird Class (3-6-year-olds) students have been very busy taking charge of their learning. They are always interested in what is happening around them and eager to get to work. Practical life activities are always a favourite at the start of the year, as well as free art. This week presented many mathematical learning opportunities, where our mini mathematicians enjoyed presentations of Montessori Numeracy equipment.

Last, but not least, the littlest members of our Generation Schools Hermanus family have had a more settled and peaceful week. The tears are less frequent, and the educators can spend more time guiding and facilitating, than settling and soothing. The Bumblebee Breakfast( 1-3-year-olds) is going well, and the outside grass has added to the joy of our indoor/outdoor activities.

We have had a great week! Well done to all educators and learners. We look forward to what the next week has in store for Generation Schools Hermanus.