Dear Generation Schools Parents and Subscribers,

It is only our second week into the new school year and already so much has happened.

Our new staff and learners are settling in nicely, at both our Hermanus and Sunningdale campuses. Drop offs are getting easier, the “Goodbyes” and “I Love You’s” are called out with a little less tears.

In the morning, it is a wonderful sight watching our young Generation Schools learners, climb out of their parent’s car, put their backpacks on and bravely walk into school by themselves.

As Maria Montessori said:
“Any child who is self-sufficient, who can tie his shoes, dress or undress himself, reflects in his joy and sense of achievement the image of human dignity which is derived from a sense of independence”.

From the Sunningdale campus, we would like to thank all of our Generation Schools’ parents for assisting us with the morning drop-offs this week. We have seen a remarkable decrease in traffic congestion at our Sunningdale campus, and we loved watching the children arrive in their classrooms with a sense of pride for doing it by themselves.

On the academic side, our year has kicked off in all earnest, with both staff and learners getting used to their timetables and work schedules. Some learners are excited to dive right back into their favourite subject and others, listening and learning about a new topic they didn’t know anything about before.
Of course, Chef Asanda and our catering staff in Hermanus are still cooking up a storm and making sure our learners maintain healthy energy levels throughout their school day.

Coach Trevor (Sunningdale) and Coach Falcon (Hermanus) encourage learners to participate in fun sporting activities to burn off some of the energy stored up after a full day in the classroom.

The highlight of the week was having the Hermanus Middle School students visit our Sunningdale campus for 3 days. The students participated in icebreakers and the introductions quickly removed any awkwardness. By the end of the day, the learners were chatting, exchanging phone numbers and took part in some serious sporting action during our Middle School social on Wednesday evening.

The entertainment continued well into the evening with our educators, Megan, Monique and Roxanne doing a fantastic job at making our Hermanus students feel welcome here in Sunningdale. By Thursday morning, we were ready to start a new day and our Middle School learners were fortunate enough to attend a Filmmaking workshop presented by Jonathan Degueldre of Plate Pictures (Follow Plate Pictures on OR

Jonathan gave our students an inspiring workshop on the history of filmmaking, his own journey as a self-made film producer and an editor in the industry with lots of pro tips in starting our very own YouTube channel. We have never seen our students so quiet and so eager to learn. The students quickly jumped in to lend a helping hand with practical demonstrations and a few promising talents stood out throughout the day.
At the end of the workshop, Jonathan helped us film our very own Generation Schools Mannequin Challenge, involving Middle School students and staff from our Sunningdale campus.

Please visit our Generation Schools YouTube channel, like and share with friends and family, and visit again. We will be starting to work on our next YouTube video, when our film-making extramural, ‘Disruption’ kicks off next week.

With another successful week behind us, we once again wish all of our Generation Schools families and staff members a restful weekend ahead and we look forward to welcoming you all back on Monday.

Stay tuned for more to come and keep an eye on our social media for exciting updates and news.
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Many thanks to all our Generations Schools family and friends for all of your ongoing support!

Yours sincerely.

The Generation Schools Team