Dear parents, colleagues, and pupils,

We are officially in our second year of operational existence and our fifth year of concept preparation.

2016 saw the opening of Generation Schools and our first campus in Sunningdale, Western Cape. Being a school birthed to represent the changing world we live in it came with all the challenges we expected.

A term that I had not yet used became a saying I would often hear: “Teething Problems.”

This expression represented the normalising period we had to face while trying to establish who we are, this cliché I have realised will be our very own benchmark in the years to come.

The term itself has a definition of “the difficulties or problems that arise during the initial stages of a project, enterprise, etc.”

The reality is that our schools will never settle into a trend of expectations and repetitive, predictable outcomes. Generation Schools represent the world we live in, not the world that was or the world we pretend it to be. It is a representation of conditions each learner will face when they leave our doors. This honesty that we stand for is what I feel the world lacks. If I look back at my schooling, I feel annoyance for years wasted learning things I never understood for reasons no one could explain. Education for me is a gift of confidence, the lever in life that allows an individual to be sure of who he or she is and what they want from the life they live.

I have personally seen the change in the pupils who joined us in 2016, this change, this passion for acquiring knowledge and dissecting what they learn to create their understanding is why our schools exist. We are not here to fit in; we are here to lead the change in education, not only locally but globally.

Generation Schools in 2017 will continue to push the boundaries of mediocracy that our educational system has become. We will change the very definition of what the term educate means and become a school known for the individuals it houses not the masses that assemble.

In 2017 we welcome our second campus, Generation Schools Hermanus and the start of our 12-15 age group class, the commencement of our internship programs and job conception hubs within our schools.

What I guarantee you in 2017 is excitement, change, development and an environment that will offer each one of our pupils the opportunity to become whoever they dream of being and helping them carve their future with confidence that will allow them to change the world we live in today.

Jevron Epstein
Managing Director/Founder