Why did you choose Generation Schools?

We wanted a forward thinking and internationally accredited school for Jessica and Peter. Our biggest desire for them in life and in education is to be happy, confident, open minded and well balanced. We feel Generation Schools embodies this ethos and is a small enough school that our children feel comfortable and important.

How important was selecting a Cambridge school to you and what specifically appeals to you about the Generation Schools approach/curriculum?

The Cambridge program and the approach that Generation Education is introducing is super important to us. In the years that our kids were enrolled in a traditional school, they struggled to be motivated about the school work. I love how my children don’t even realize they are studying, learning and growing, this being especially important in their younger years. They think they are just having fun and that is the best way to learn. They are motivated to go to school and to be part of class and the class activities.

Please describe a memorable moment from your time at Generation Schools and how that has had an impact on you and your family?

The first year was certainly an exciting one and I was very privileged to play a role as a Class Representative within the school. This gave me the opportunity to meet the parents, staff and children and to get actively involved in a number of their events. The most memorable event was the Mini Olympics and Big Brag, as well as Entrepreneurs Day. My youngest was chosen as the class mascot for the Big Brag and he was so proud and excited to be the Brazilian Flag bearer for the day. I’ll never forget the sounds of the children singing their big brag songs and the excitement echoing throughout the school courtyard and into the Sunningdale neighbourhood. My other favourite was Entrepreneurs Day, my daughter was in her element. She loved coming up with her business plan, the making and planning and the actual day of the event. She came home with stars in her eyes and said to me: “Mom, that was the best day ever!”.

What does your child enjoy the most about learning at Generation Schools?

When I asked Jessica this question, she said, “that’s hard because I like everything!” When I pressed her to choose one thing, she said I love Maths! Well, I never thought I would hear her say that. Thanks to teachers, Courtney and Sarah, you have opened up a whole new world for my daughter.

What would you say to another parent thinking about coming to Generation Schools?

I think the biggest factor in knowing that Generation Schools is the right choice for us and that I’ve never seen my kids as happy as they are at Generation Schools.