About the Swimming Academy

At Generation Swimming Academy Sunningdale, we feel that it is important for all children to learn how to swim. Learning to swim is not only an important skill for children to learn for themselves, but it is also important should they need to help others. Swimming is not only a great life skill, but it is a great form of exercise. Swimming improves cardiovascular fitness, coordination and balance.

At Generations Swim Academy, we want our swimmers to learn to feel confident and safe in the water, as well as develop a love for swimming. Whether you join us for our Moms & Tots Class, our Learn To Swim Programme or our Squad Training, Generation Swimming Academy Sunningdale is the one stop swimming academy for you!

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To register please complete the application form below or download and email the completed form to swimming@generationschools.co.za.

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  • I / We hereby waive any claim against Generation Swimming Academy or any of its’ employees or the owners of the property for any damage sustained by any person, which may arise as a result of theft, loss of life, bodily injury, or any other causes whatsoever. This waiver is unconditional and is given both in my personal capacity and in my capacity as Father/Mother and/or natural or legal guardian of any minor concerned, provided reasonable care and supervision of the learner has been taken.
  • Furthermore I confirm that I understand and agree to abide by the policies and procedures of Generation Swimming Academy as supplied to me.